Gunfight at the Ok Corral

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Trang Nguyen
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The Benefits of the bilingual
The world is now developing every day, the more languages we know, the more opportunities we have in life. Knowing two different languages brings a lot of advantages such as getting a better job, learning more about other cultures and being able to broaden our social lives. First of all, speaking two languages is a great benefit for a person who looks for a job. For example, my cousin got a great job at a bank as a manager because she speaks Vietnamese and English fluently. The reason she was hired was because the bank branch is located in the Vietnamese community. America is a multi-cultural country; therefore, employees need to speak more than one language. Second, we know more about other cultures when we learn their languages. When I first came to America and studied in ESL class. At the same time, I also learned about American culture. Moreover, learning English has helped me understand more about American history and traditional holidays such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Independence Day. Finally, being bilingual is a big advantage for people to have a better social life. A person would tend to have more friends if she/he can speak two different languages. For example, my uncle has a lot of Vietnamese and Mexican friends because he could speak Vietnamese and Spanish. His social life has become more active since he started learning Spanish. He not only spends time with his friends in class but also goes camping with his Mexican friends. In addition, being bilingual helps him become active and happy in his everyday life because friends are always around him.

In conclusion, speaking two languages provides a person with great advantages for people such as getting a good job, learning about other cultures, and having an exciting life. Knowing the benefits of bilingual, we have more opportunities to be successful in our lives. We can learn as many languages as possible to prepare for our future.
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