Why You Should Exercise

Topics: Obesity, Personal life, Nutrition Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Why People Should Exercise Eric Buckley Exercise is beneficial to your health and well-being. Although exercise is not very much fun usually, it is essential in a healthy life style. Sports and or a work out partner can spice up any dull activity. These activities can be integrated into your life to replace bad habits. A lack of exercise in your everyday life can result in obesity and serious health complications resulting in an unhappy life of depression.

Your health truly depends on how much and how hard you exercise your body. Exercising can help you maintain a healthy body weight. The healthier your body is the less susceptible you are to health complications such as diabetes; diabetes affects your blood sugar forcing you to inject insulin into your blood stream every day. As you grow older exercise becomes imperative in the health of your heart; the healthier your heart the longer and more enjoyable your life will be.

For some people sports are amazing ways to stay in shape, most sports include very vigorous physical exercise while creating a fun and competitive pastime. If sports are not an option there are plenty of simple way to engage your body in exercise. Some easy ways to burn those unwanted calories during the day are taking the stairs opposed to the elevator or biking to work rather than driving. Whether it is a lot or a little exercise, it is all beneficial to your overall health.

Exercising affects you positively in a mental and psychological way as well. You become aware of your abilities, accept your weaknesses, and your self-esteem goes up. Any activity distracts you because it helps you not to think about school, friends, problems, among other things. During this time you can think about yourself and no one else. It helps...
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