Why You Should Be Accepted Into an Honors Course

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Whys and Wherefores
There are many reasons as to why I should be admitted into the English 2 Honors course for my sophomore year at The Philadelphia High School for girls. First, I like an academic challenge. When things are too easy or not keeping me busy enough, I tend to be more inattentive and relaxed about that class. I like when I am constantly brainstorming and working hard. Thinking and learning at a faster pace is suitable for me because English is one of my stronger subjects.

Next, I feel that I should be accepted into the English 2 honors course because I have reason to believe that what I learn in that class would help me in the furthering of my education. Having more responsibilities (being in honors courses) would teach me the responsibilities that I need to become a more productive and intelligent young lady. The reason being is because I would have to manage my time right, put secondary things aside and focus on my educational responsibilities.

Lastly, I am a strong academic student with a plan to go to college, therefore, taking the most challenging courses I can take in high school is a wise plan that I have thought out. Being in a honors course helps me to be more academically inclined. Rigorous and challenging work is the best way to prepare for college, and is heavily weighted by college admissions. Many colleges recalculate applicants’ GPAs, giving extra points for honors courses.

In conclusion, I would like to be admitted into the English 2 Honors course for my sophomore year at Girls’ High school. I should be admitted for all of the reasons that I have previously stated.
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