Why Women Is Considered a Minority in Society

Topics: Minority group, Sociology, United Kingdom Pages: 1 (294 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Why women are considered a minority in the society?

It has been a running question from the long time ago to the time when women has stepped onto the moon that why even with women sharing equal stages in all respect to men are still considered the weaker part of the society. Women are often referred to as the group that suffers that is why they are called a minority. The debate can go till dates that why they are considered the minority group. Another reason which could tell is the power the group has. Generally it’s the men who control the environment, for example controlling the house, taking important decisions in the family and many more. That is why they are now often been referred to as the subordinate groups rather than minority groups which describes the lack of power for women. The power depends also on the social status but between people belonging to same level it’s generally the men that make the important decisions. So that’s why they are considered as a minority. The numerical minority of women also plays a crucial part in support of the fact that they are the referred as minority. Another factor could contribute highly to this is that though women make up majority in the number of states; most of the federal levels of the society are usually led by men. This is another factor which supports this thinking. But with the changing time the status of women is rising; now even men look up to as equal stake holders in all departments. They now form the backbone of the society, family or even country such Pratibha Devi Singh Patil, the former president of India. They are now often been referred as sub ordinate groups
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