Why/ Why Not Does the Film “ Dead Poets’ Society Resonate with the 21st Century Audience?

Topics: Teacher, Education, Dead Poets Society Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Why/ why not does the film “ dead poets’ society resonate with the 21st century audience?

The film "dead poets society" talks about the time of 1959s, about the story of a class of boys within a luxurious school. Having a new teacher named Mr. Keating, he introduced the phrase of "carpe diem" to the boys, as with the phrase's meaning of "seize the day". He taught the boys to think in a more creative manner in which was not very popular with the school's style of teaching of that time. The story turns to a tragedy when a student called Neil Perry couldn't stand the pressure given by his parents and committed suicide and the teacher was fired. Basing on the movie, people debate on whether the story still resonates with the 21st century audience. I my point of view, I would say that this movie does not resonate with the 21st century audience due to the difference in the style of teaching in a mordern school comparing to the school in the movie, and the difference of the way a child is taught by their parents.

Within the movie, the school is a prestigious school in the 1950s, the way that they teach their students are all from the books. Within the first few scenes of the movie we can see that the students just listen to what the teacher says, absorb the information, and nothing else. Everything they’ve learnt is straight from the books. Their school life passes by like this everyday. This way of teaching is very different from the normal way of teaching we have in nowadays. In today’s world, the way that schools teaching their students is by leading and influencing them to think creatively. This difference in teaching style generates a gap between the audience and the movie in which makes the audience unable to truly feel the effect of the change of the creative thinking style Mr. Keating is introducing to the school.

Another reason that the 21st century audience is unable to resonate to "dead poets society" is due to the in the style of teaching of Neil...
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