Why We Read Literature

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  • Published : October 1, 2010
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Why we read literature
The word literature means ‘acquaintance with letters.’ With literature we can put anything and everything into words and play it like a video for someone else to see. It is a profession where words are arranged in such a way that they describe, feelings, emotions, experiences etc. it describes society and the people living in it, what they think of it and what they want it to be. There are many reasons to why we read literature. We could read it for information which is to learn about cultures, traditions, beliefs and attitudes. This could be to relate to other people or differentiate them from ourselves and see how different we all are even though we are all the same creatures. We can see how different people think, what they believe and why they believe what they believe. We can read for pleasure because it’s fun and it speaks to us about things we are interested in. It could also be to escape from our worries and concerns just so are oblivious to everything around us while we experience someone else’s life. It could make us see other people’s pain and how our everyday worries are nothing compared to what they face which could make us feel a lot better. Sometimes when we read literature, we find ourselves and our lives reflected in the characters and we see glimpses of our own experiences and we want to know more and more about the character. We read literature so we can see the world from a different perspective. It takes us beyond our imagination exposes us to ideas, cultures, traditions, values in different eras and allows its readers/audience to relate to characters by getting in their shoes who touch us intellectually, emotionally and deepen our understanding of our own lives. We read literature because it does not ever disappoint us. The first novel we read gets to us in so many ways that we want more. Literature can be like a drug and once we start, we want more and more. With literature we can be a part of something for...