Why We Do What We Do

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Why We Do What We Do
My teaching philosophy is best described by using the following analogy. A building does not stand tall for years on end without a good foundation. Weather its building a house, an apartment, a church, or a skyscraper, the foundation is the most important element for the building to stand tall for years. If a child can start out with the right knowledge to live a physically active lifestyle they have more of a chance to continue to live while being physically active. Pouring the concrete on a foundation is a lot like being a physical educator, most people don’t see what all is happening during that foundation process but in the long run that building is standing tall because of the right person doing their part correctly. Chapter 1: How do you think creative dance is different from creative movement? How are they similar? I’ve always thought that creative movement and dance are both an enjoyable way for young children to develop their physical skills, channel their energy, stimulate their imagination and promote their creativity. Creative dance, unlike creative movement, involves using body actions to communicate an image (the wind), an idea (a journey) or a feeling (strength). Many early childhood educators recognize young children's primary need to express themselves through movement. Some teachers include creative movement exploration to enhance other curriculum areas such as language and literature, science, art and outdoor play. Chapter 1: Throughout children’s education,…… What unique contributions does dance make to a child’s development? Dance gives children a physical way to express their thoughts, understandings, ideas, and feelings. Many young students have different amounts of stress in their home/school lives and dance could provide a release that the child needs. This is very important to teach children to channel emotion into a safe controlled state that will not harm them or others. Chapter 1: How would I get students to...
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