Why Tim O'Brien Wrote This Book

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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Why did Tim O'Brien wrote this book:
This novel is very different from the others that I have read. Tim O’Brien wrote this book to show how it was at Vietnam and what soldiers have to go thru. However he wrote this book under the genre of fiction because this way he could write things that were not true and still make it billable to the reader. Rather than him just saying things as they are. Perhaps if he told things as they really happen then the reader might not be interested of what was going on. Now the author wrote this book for two reasons.

The first reason is to share his experience over at Vietnam. We all know that the soldiers have a hard time at Vietnam and there times when they are not able to overcome things. To me most likely Tim O’Brien wrote this book to over the deaths of the ones fallen at war. I base this conclusion of Linda in the last story. He said that she was the love of his life and that she die when she was 9 years old of cancer. Then he also said that he kept her alive in his story.

Then maybe “The Things They Carried” was meant to keep others a life in his stories. On the other hand he might of also wrote this book to confesses the things that he did and the things that others did. He wrote this book to show that war is not a game. One of the things that he reveals is that he was actually the one that killed Kiowa. This was something that he did not say on another book that he had written before.
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