Why the Need for Nuclear Weapons?

Topics: Nuclear weapon, World War II, Cold War Pages: 8 (1279 words) Published: October 20, 2011
Why the Need for Nuclear Weapons?

Nuclear Weapons, should they be abolished or made to kill off the world? I

understand that since World War II, many countries have started to become nuclear

nations. United States, Russia, China, and Israel are just a few. These countries are

major superpowers, besides Israel, and that can be a very dangerous thing for them all to

have nuclear weapons and have the possibility of one supreme entity deciding that they

want to launch a nuke at someone. Who knows, someone could be making the nuke and

it backfires on them and their own nation will have extreme results. Notably, even the

nuclear reactors that are stationed all over the world are a risk to our Earth. Nuclear

radiation being spread over just a little area could cause some really bad effects such as

people dying, having flash burns, animal and plant life becoming extinct within the

radiation area, polluted water, mutations, and nothing but a charred area of everything

around the radiation area. These effects would be the aftermath of any nuclear crisis. In

the process of convincing you that nuclear weapons should be abolished, I plan on giving

you examples of what has happened over the last half a century and our time growing as a

nuclear age. These examples will cover the main points of the nuclear age that has taken

place in our lives.

The first major time that nuclear weapons were used was in World War II. The

United States decided to use a nuclear weapon on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, after a clear

warning, and made Japan surrender to the U.S.A. and their allies. The nuclear weapon

that they used was the atomic bomb or known as the “A” bomb (History Channel). The

effects the “A” bomb had on Japan was devastating. The first atomic bomb was released

on Hiroshima, killing 80,000 people (History Channel). The second bombing was on Nagasaki, killing 40,000 more Japanese (History Channel). The aftermath of the two

bombing caused another 100,000 slow and painful deaths (History Channel).

Western scientists, servicemen, and journalists went to Japan to take a toll of the

devastation of what the atomic bomb did to that nation (History Channel). What they saw

was horrendous in their eyes, and made our country re-evaluate ever using the atomic

bomb again (History Channel). The scene they saw before them was charred landscape

all around the bombing area, hideously burnt people, and people coughing and urinating

blood waiting to die from the radiation poisoning (History Channel). Not only does the

people suffer, but the plants and animals die off too.

So, what was worse than World War II and the nuclear war? The nuclear age and

the Cold war. The Cold war had to be a devastating time to the United States and

Russian civilians. It was a race to see who could produce the most nuclear weapons and

keeping it a secret of how many nuclear warheads that each nation had. It was a time

where egos ran rampaged and felt the need to take control and scare the world.

The consequences that could have happened if the Cold war became a nuclear war

would have been irreparable. The direct consequences would be the mildest imaginable

outcome of 35 million people dead and 10 million seriously hurt in each country with

one-half the total industrial capacity of each side destroyed (Nissani). After 40 years of

war being over local and global fallout may have caused 1 million thyroid cancers,

300,000 other cancers, 1.5 million thyroid abnormalities, 100,000 miscarriages, and

300,000 genetic defects (Nissani).

The indirect consequences would have been genetic risks, environmental,

economic, international, social consequences, human health, and the extinction of all mankind and animal and plant life (Nissani). With genetic risks and the possibilities that...
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