Why the United States Should Have Dropped the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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Should We Have Used the Atomic Bomb to Defeat the Japanese in WWII? Despite its destructive consequences, the American bombing of Hiroshima was necessary to put an end to the war in the Pacific. President Truman’s choice to release a nuclear weapon on Japan was the fastest solution to ending the United States’ involvement in the Second World War, making the decision the most time efficient way out. Hiroshima’s destruction was also, very possibly, the only way for the United States to win the war, because the Japanese were very clear that they were prepared to fight until they were down to their last man. The Japanese military was the strongest in the world, so ending the war with a bang was much more appealing to Americans and the Truman Administration than fighting until there was no one left to fight. Perhaps most importantly, the dropping of the atomic bomb saved the lives of millions of American soldiers and civilians, as well as Japanese soldiers and civilians. This made it not only the quickest way to bring the soldiers home and ensure the United States’ victory, but also the best way to reduce the lives lost on both sides. The Truman Administration’s decision to drop a nuclear bomb on the Japanese was horrific, but necessary in bringing about a cost-effective, Japanese surrender that saved more lives than it took away. The United States government explored many solutions to quickly end the war in Japan, but none proved as time efficient as the idea of dropping an A-bomb on a Japanese city. A top-secret military invasion of Japan, known as Operation Olympic, was planned as an alternative to dropping the bomb, and would have commenced on November 1, 1945 (Perry and Astore). An invasion would have lasted many months before the Japanese surrendered, proving that the bomb was a much speedier way to force surrender. A second invasion was also planned, called Operation Coronet, and would have begun on March 1, 1946, assuming that the Japanese had not already...
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