Why the Government Should Continue to Fund Public Education.

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  • Published : January 16, 2013
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Why the government should continue to fund public education.

The government should continue to fund public schools because they provide a baseline education that is enough to make someone a functioning citizen of society. If the government stopped funding public schools the overall well-being of this nation will suffer in the generations to come. This would also make private schooling the only way that kids could get a proper education. A scenario like this would make education only to those who can pay for it. That being only a very small percent of the population, it would not benefit the country as a whole. “Every Child should have access to a quality education.” (High Price/Private Schools/City) If the government were to stop funding public education then this would be nearly impossible. Education would only be available to those willing to pay for it. “About nine of 10 students in America Public Education is the best way to teach the youth diversity, which tend to be more diverse in Public schools than in Private Schools. Diversity can come in many forms. Racially, 2”8.4% of students in grades 1-12 were either black or Hispanic in public schools.” (Anonymous) That is compared to “16.7% in private schools”. In lingual diversity, “5-9 percent of students have a limited English proficiency, compared to less than 1 percent in private schools.” (Anonymous) Also in public schools “12% of teachers and 16% of principles are minorities, compared to 9 percent of teachers and 8 percent of teachers.” (Anonymous) Most private schools at a high school level provide a general education, but are focused on another subject that Public schools do not. American public schools cannot be religiously based. But as a private school, a school can focus on any religion it wishes to whether it be a form of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, anything. Schools that are religiously based make up the largest part of private schools. The other major private schools are military...
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