Why Tetley Fails in Pakistan

Topics: Tea, Tetley, Lipton Pages: 18 (5010 words) Published: December 5, 2012

Competitive Review of famous brands
* Unbranded Tea
* Tapal
* Unilever (Lipton and Supreme)
* Vital
Marketing Mix Analysis
* Product
* Place
* Promotion
* Price
SWOT Analysis of Tetley Tea
* Strengths
* Weaknesses
* Opportunities
* Threats
Buyer Analysis
* Brand Loyalty
* Demographics
* Consumer Awareness
* Positive Motivation
* Rational vs. Emotional Motives
* Success and Failure Influence
* Substitute Goals
* Arousal of Motives
* Maslow’s Needs
* Attitude Formation of Tetley 
* Consistency of Attitudes
* Personality and Consumer Behavior
* Consumer Perception
Tetley’s Areas of Improvement
Recommendations for Tetley


In 1837, two brothers, Joseph and Edward Tetley started to sell tea and became such a success that they set up as tea merchants. In 1856, in partnership with Joseph Auckland, they set up "Joseph Tetley & Company, Wholesale Tea Dealers". Joseph Tetley and Co tastes success. Business was good and the company grew. As well as selling tea, Joseph Tetley & Co also began to blend and package it. In the 1880s they began to sell tea to the United States of America, and started to bring ideas back; one of these was the tea bag.

Tea was rationed during World War II, it was not until 1953, just after rationing finished, that Tetley launched the tea bag to the UK and it was an immediate success. The rest, as they say, is history. The tea bag had captured the public’s imagination and desire for convenience.

Within 10 years it revolutionized how Britons drank their tea and the old fashioned tea pot had given way to making tea in a cup using a tea bag.

Since the 60s, Tetley has continued to develop people’s love of tea drinking by introducing innovative and exciting ideas in many different countries. In 1989 we launched the round tea bag, latching on to the fashion to drink tea in a mug, rather than a cup. Next came the Drawstring, No drip, no mess ‟tea bag”.

1974 Tetley Tea Company was bought by J Lyons who merged it with the Lyons tea business to form Lyons Tetley. 1978 Allied Breweries acquired J Lyons‟ Businesses then as Allied Domecq sold them in the 1990s. The Tetley Group was created in July 1995, when a group of investors bought what was then the world-wide beverage business from Allied Domecq. On 10th March 2000, The Tetley Group was sold to Tetley Tea Limited, one of the world’s largest integrated tea businesses.

It is a Joint Venture between Tetley UK & Lakson Group which was formed in 2004, the Tetley tea caters to the Black Tea drinking masses of Pakistan and the tea segments include Leaf, Dust & Teabags.


Pakistan is the third largest tea importer in the world and consumes 155 million kg every year. This shows the love for tea in our nation. Tetley occupies a share of 12% in the Pakistani tea market. Tetley’s competitors include:-

* Unbranded Tea
* Tapal
* Unilever - Lipton and Supreme
* Vital

Unbranded Tea
Our target audience includes the social class C and C+ and such people are not at all brand conscious. They purchase a brand which suits their pocket and deliver high quality. They think wisely before spending. Such people or such targeted audience in our country huge eely prefer loose or unbranded tea. All that matters to them is taste, quality and quantity. They are not brand conscious neither they are hygiene freaks. Packaging does not really attract them. Therefore unbranded tea occupies the largest share. This is because no extra money is spent on the packaging this reduces its cost and helps to increase its market share.

Tapal is a local brand and alone occupies a share of 21 %. They have excellent promotional strategies and an highly effective distribution network. People all over the country consume this brand and are loyal to it. The brand has tried to make an...
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