Why Soccer Is so Important to Me?

Topics: Play, Learning, Association football Pages: 1 (391 words) Published: March 27, 2011
It’s all about when I first step onto the field, the start of the game, the one moment, and my one chance to make the whole team look good. I make sure that my time in the game, with the ball at my feet, is not a wasted effort. During the game I play to the whistle that the referee blows and from on the sidelines, I can hear my coach yelling last minute moves that can get me around one obstacle or another. With my actions helping the team get a step closer to wining the game. So that after the game, I can walk away with a smile on my face and a trophy in my hand knowing I did my part. It makes it worth it to try my hardest in practice and drill each other to the point that no mistakes are possible. With everything I learn in practice I am able to apply it in the game, when it is my time to shine. In the end it makes the team better than any other team we will ever meet. When I am on the field it is as if nothing else matters because I am in another world where my coach, my team, and the ball are the only things that exist..

These are the reasons why I play soccer and why the sport is so important to me. To live for every moment on the field, as if it is my last time playing. When I am on the field everything that I do is second nature and I never have to worry about “what my next move should be.” Through the many years of learning from experienced soccer coaches, I have learned my own style of playing. But I also know that one person can not make a team, instead it takes eleven players working together as a unit to be a successful soccer team. Each individual player brings something valuable to the team, which everyone is able to benefit from. Over time my teammates became a support group that I can confide my deepest secrets to and know that they will always support me. There are so many reasons why soccer is important to me because it’s my stress reliever, my second nature thing, and my favorite pass time.
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