Why Should I Continue My Education

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  • Published : April 17, 2007
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The last couple of years have been a long bumpy ride for me, as they have for everyone my age. Every teenager has experienced many of the same circumstances as I have and has dealt with them in their own way. As a student, I am an active participant in extracurricular activities. My first priority has always been to learn in school. During the past years of my high school career I have participated in the following: football (six years), once as captain, 4 Varsity Letters in football, wrestling (seven years), twice as captain, 4 Varsity Letters in wrestling, baseball (two years), JROTC (four years). I also belonged to the Computer Club (one year). I am currently enlisted in the Virginia Army National Guard as a PFC. In order to gain an understanding of independence and responsibility, I have held summer jobs in the preceding two years. My first summer job was at the Burger King in Stony Creek. This is imperative in that I am now more mature and accountable; which helps me not to be weary of the future but to look forward to it. I am glad to have acquired a taste of what the real world has to offer. I have learned many lessons from my high school, and previous work experiences. I am now prepared to discover many more lessons through my college experience. Although, it has been uncompromising, I have made it this far. I am prepared to excel and make it much further in the years to come with my college education. This evolving positive outlook has reassured me and has given me the motivation I need to become successful. I hope that by reading this you will also see that I am prepared to prolong my education after high school.
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