Why Should We Protect Intellectual Property

Topics: Trademark, Copyright, Intellectual property Pages: 3 (983 words) Published: March 18, 2010
Why should we protect intellectual property?
(By Igor Gorshkov, for Sr. Carlos Rivadulla Oliva – Intellectual property)

I’d like to start my answer with a simple example, that comes to my mind: You know “Kalashnikov” automatic gun, right. On of the most popular automatic guns in the whole world, that combines in itself simplicity, reliability and at the same time effectiveness. It was invented in the USSR in 1947 by a very smart Russian scientist Michal Kalashnikov. How ever, not many people outside Russia know, that his idea of that automatic gun was taken by government. And even though the whole world now and then uses it in the military purposes, the inventor himself didn’t get no money for his idea of a brand new automatic gun, because at that time in the USSR people didn’t know what intellectual property is, moreover they didn’t really work in order to get rich, but work for the idea, the idea of strong and powerful nation, and the only one, who benefited from this situation was government. Even though this situation is typical only for the USSR, it can still show the whole idea of stealing intellectual property. And from my point of you a smart man, I mean the one who is smart not in the economic way, but the one who is smart in chemistry or physics, or any other science, must benefit from his brains not less, than the guy, who’ve established the production, or a businessman who’ve opened a retail shop to sell a brand new production. And that is why, I think, that protection of intellectual property is essential. Intellectual property protection encourages young scientists in lots of ways. First of all, it involves lots of new people in science, becoming as much profitable industry as any other business. Because now they mustn’t worry if their idea is stolen, since it’s protected by government and they can easily condemn the violator in any court. All that leads to increased innovation and development of brand new products. A patent...
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