negiative commercial influences on scientific reseach

Topics: Science, Scientific method, Research Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: January 7, 2014
Negative Commercial Influences on Scientific Research

In the past over 20 years, the pace of innovation is accelerating. Links between science, technology and business are numerous. It is no secret that these links are increasing in number and extent. Both governments and business assert that this close relationship is generally positive for science and technology on the one hand and society on the other. However, there is growing evidence that this relationship brings with it a range of detrimental effects. In addition, it is clear that the commercial influences change the ways that researchers do on the scientific research.

The main concerns about commercial influence on science and technology uncovered by this study and presented in detail in this essay are:

Firstly, one of the most negative consequences that corporations and industries had on research was forcing scientists to turn their attention from the actual work to producing patentable materials, as well as due to a huge of profits return, some researchers focus on the researching speed rather than the quality. In order to get a good experiment results, some researchers will change experimental date. In this case, they may fail easily or receive worse consequences.

Secondly, for university, on the influence of the business, they behave more like businesses, while key attributes of the academic ethos such as openness, objectivity and independence are being seriously eroded. With growing business influence on universities is resulting in a greater focus on intellectual property rights in academic work. Hence knowledge is increasingly being ‘commodified’ for short-term economic benefit. This can weaken its benefit that can application for wider public, and produces a narrow approach to scientific curiosity.

Third, Companies have expanded the number and range of partnerships with universities, focusing on business research priorities and goals. The power and influence of some corporations,...
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