Why Reducing Teenage Pregnancy Matters

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Teenage pregnancy is a new arena of attention and understanding for the developed nations. In terms of both the social and economic health of mothers and their children teenage pregnancy crisis cost is high. It has direct relationship with poverty and underdevelopment. The desired socio –economic development of a nation cannot be possible without the presence of a healthy and optimum population. The past two decades have witnessed a drastic catastrophe of teenage pregnancy in the world. However, little progress has made in different regions, countries and even within countries. The latest data from the Office for National Statistics show teenage pregnancies are at their lowest rate since the early 1980s. The under-18 conception rate for 2009 was 38.3 conceptions per 1,000 women aged 15 to 17. This represents a fall of 5.9% compared with 40.7 conceptions per 1,000 women aged 15 to 17 in 2008. Other interesting facts include:

The number of conceptions to women aged under 18 was 38,259 in 2009 compared with 41,361 in 2008, a decline of 7.5% Nearly half (48.8%) of conceptions to women aged under 18 in 2009 led to a legal abortion The number of conceptions to girls aged under 16 was 7,158 in 2009, compared with 7,586 in 2008 (a decrease of 5.6%) Three-fifths (59.8%) of conceptions to girls aged under 16 in 2009 led to a legal abortion (http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2011/feb/22/teenage-pregnancy-rates-england-wales-map) This situation cannot allow to be continued. The intervention must start for raising awareness and reduce teenage pregnancy rate immediately .The necessary services are neither sophisticated nor very expensive. Reducing teenage pregnancy is one of the cost effective strategies available in the area of public health. Objectives of the Study

Generally objectives describe the reasonable and acceptable contribution of the study for a group of people, community or country. The objectives of this campaign are as follows:
❖ Create an opportunity to directly involve the teenagers with the practical situation and increase their awareness through a positive approach of reducing teenage pregnancy; Try to get in touch the message in all section of people in UK and over the World;

Asses the overall scenario of teenage pregnancy for further research Try to figure out the risk and make some recommendations to diminish these risks and limitations .
Why choose this idea
Pregnancy and childbirth are the special events in women’s lives and, indeed, in the lives of their families. This can be a great time of hope and joyful anticipation. Now a day, sexual activity among teenagers tends to be sporadic; consequently, teenagers have high rates of unwanted pregnancy, unsafe abortions, and STIs. Realizing the situation NHS Bedfordshire and the authority of university try to explore some new area of research for handling the situation ideally. It will be more prominent if we analyze the recent data of Bedfordshire regarding teenage pregnancy. .

Table 1: Bedford Borough under 18-conception rate-‘Hot Spot’ Wards 2005-2007 & 2006-2008: |Ward |conception |Conception |conception |Conception | | |rate 2005-2007 U18 |number |rate 2006- |number | | | |2005-2007 |2008 |2006-2008 | | | |U18 | | | |Goldington |70.7 |34 |62.30 |30 | |Kingsbrook |67.9 |30 |82.2 |36 | |Newnham |60.2...
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