Struggles of a Teenage Mother

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Do you know the struggles of being a teenage parent? The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Unplanned Pregnancy states that there are 750,000 teen pregnancies annually. Eight of ten of these are unintended and 81 percent are unmarried. Today teenage pregnancy is a major social problem. Many difficult decisions are to be face not knowing to keep the baby, give the child up for adoption, or either abortion.

Waking up to their baby’s cries is part of typical morning for teen mothers. These mothers have to wake up at 1a.m or 3a.m each morning, while many of us are still sound asleep in our comfortable beds. They just can’t turn over and hit the snooze button on their alarm and return to sleep. Their day begins when their child awakes. They have to get up and feed their baby and not only prepare themselves, but also prepare their baby for the new day that has yet to begin.

Only four out of ten mothers under the age of eighteen finish high school. Some teen parents find it difficult to graduate. Teen parents have to tend to their babies when they get sick, have doctor appointments, and even when there is no babysitter. These responsibilities cause teen parents to get behind on problems in their own life.

Being a teen mother is a very hard and stressful task. It takes away a lot of your young adulthood. You can’t go out with friends, party, or stay out late. Graduation night, prom, and any other activities are taken away .Raising a child as a teenager force you to work and prevents you from an education. Being a teen parent is one of the hardest tasks to accomplish.
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