Why Modern People Are Living Longer

Topics: Foreign language, Library, Satellite Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: May 29, 2013
When it comes to the issue whether modern technology really benefits students' study, people's opinions differ from culture to culture, and person to person. Some insist that modern technology increases students' efficiency in learning, while others believe that their attention is actually distracted from studying by using modern technology to the contrary. On a personal level, I partially agree on the prior one, which contends that with the help of technology, students can learn more information and learn it more quickly. First of all, search engines like Google and Yahoo increase students' efficiency in searching information. In the past, when I need to do research on marine creatures, I had to spend a week time burying myself in the school library. Once in a while, if I need to hold a book not in our library, there is a trunk runs between our library and a few public libraries. It could cost more time. Nevertheless, with modern technology, all I need to do is type several keywords like "origin of life in the ocean" in the search box and click on a computer mouse. Then I will be overwhelmed by numerous discussions and research papers on this topic within a millisecond. This is why I am now addicted to Google. When I surf on the Internet, it seems I hold the key to the sea of knowledge. Google never let me down. On the other hand, modern technology help student to learn science and foreign languages with digital recording technology and various powerful computer programs. For instance, students could simulate the condition of outer space by the help of several piece of modern equipment, and do some researches like calculating the orbit of artificial satellites. Other programs empower students to learn a foreign language on their personal conditions. With the latest vision of the Windows Media Player, students can change the speaking speed of audios to accord with their demands. When they are watching foreign movies, they can even hide the captions to practice...
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