Why Men in the Revolution Fought

Topics: American Revolutionary War, Thirteen Colonies, American Revolution Pages: 3 (877 words) Published: November 14, 2010
Why Men Fought in the American Revolution

“Why Men Fought in the American Revolution,” explains the reasons that American men decided to fight and risk their lives for their families and their beliefs. Robert L. Middlekauff lists his opinions in this excerpt of the many reasons men chose to fight against the British in the Revolutionary War. In “Why Men fought in the American Revolution,” MiddleKauff makes the argument that the American soldiers fought because their beliefs were reflected through their fighting. He shows that soldiers used their relationships to endure the fighting, felt a sense of responsibility to their family and to their country, and shows the false explanations that some believe to be true. Soldiers relied on their relationships with fellow patriots to endure the fighting throughout the revolutionary war. Middlekauff states that men in the northern colonies felt closer than those of the southern colonies. Since the northern colonies were more densely populated, many of the soldiers fighting were grouped into regiments of men that lived nearby. He describes them as neighbors, as in that many of them knew each other. In fact, some of the soldiers had known each other their entire lives. The closer the soldiers came together, the better they fought. They depended on each other for moral and psychological support. The closeness of formations in the fighting resulted in reassurance and comfort bestowed upon the soldiers. It also accounted for the communication between the men throughout the fighting. This directly helped their fighting style. Close contact better helped the soldiers hold there ground as well as relay information to each other. After a successful battle they would all cheer to congratulate themselves and reassure themselves on the battlefield. Having close relationships between the soldiers directly improved their fighting style as well as helped to raise the morale of the company as a whole. American Soldiers...
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