Why Men and Women Are Sometimes Frustrated with Each Others Communication Behaviors

Topics: Organization, Management, Organizational studies Pages: 3 (531 words) Published: April 8, 2013

A. Introduction to Organisational Behaviour (Week 3 –)

1. The Chief Executive Officer of a large chain of hotels in Western Europe has invited you, as a human resource specialist, to address her and her senior managers in the organization on ‘The role of organizational behaviour in maximizing employee efficiency and customer satisfaction’. Write a convincing report, using relevant examples to support your arguments. Aim your presentation at senior managers who are objective and very profit-conscious.

2. Examine organizational behavior in the context of a dynamic and changing business world. Use examples to discuss the importance to managers of understanding organisational behaviour.

B. Personality (Week 4 –)

3. To what extent do you consider theories of personality to be useful to formal organizations?

4. What are the dynamic characteristics of personality? Discuss personality assessment and explain why it has grown in significance over recent years.

C. Communication ((Week 5 –)

5. Describe the role of communications in work organizations. Explain why men and women are sometimes frustrated with each other’s communication behaviour.

6. Identify and explain organisational barriers to effective communication and discuss individual barriers to effective communication. D. Work Teams and Groups (Week 7)

7. ‘An understanding of social interaction is crucial for building effective work teams.’ Discuss.

8. Examine the key features of a workgroup and how might the workgroup affect the behaviour of the individual member. Produce a grid distinguishing the characteristics of groups with high and low team spirit.

E. Leadership (Week 8 –)

9. Explain how you would apply the situational leadership model (SLM) in the workplace. What would you say to sceptical supervisors and managers that there is no difference between a manager and a leader?

10. Use a...
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