Why Immigration Is a Controversial Issue in Uk

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“It was once believed that when you were born, you were a blank state and could be taught to learn different things in a variety of way” (Gardner, H. Personal Learning Solution 2012) In this essay I will be talking about the importance of study skills for higher education. I will be identifying the different skills that are used both personal and professional and also providing some evidence towards my findings. The main skills I will be touching on will be people skills, reflective and creative skills, writing skills and also time management. I will be exploring how these skills have an importance in the higher education and viewing their similarity and differences between them.

Study skills are the strategies and the different approaches used in learning to develop better understanding and knowledge for a life time. It is an essential piece of material that is needed for better grades in an exam, assignment etc and tackles problems such as bad organization, time management or writing skills which are useful for a life time. There are many different study skills that can be used in higher education in order to gain a successful qualification for a successful job application. It is important indentify your own personal learning style and develop on all the important study skills that helps with your learning. The reason for this is because it helps you remember and learn more and new information. It also allows you to do well in your essays/assignments and exams you are undertaking. Once your learning style has been identified and used, it will provide you with the opportunity to move up a level. There are different styles such as: The Diver: like to get on with it and get it out of the way

The Dreamer: like to think a lot and research thoroughly
The Logician: like things to make sense and reasons
The Searchlight: like to see the bigger picture and find everything interesting (Cottrell, S. 2008.Third Edition. Pg59-60)
The Dearing Report (1997) states that...
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