Critical thinking, Argument, Persuasion

Critical thinking at INHolland University of Applied Sciences

Table of Contents1
1.0 Critical Thinking3
1.1 What is critical thinking?3
1.2 What can be barriers to critical thinking for INHolland students?3
1.3 How can INHolland students develop critical thinking?4/5
2.0 Critical Analytical Thinking When Reading6
2.1 Recognizing assumptions as an INHolland student6
2.2 The use of assumptions by INHolland students6
3.0 Critical Analytical Thinking When Writing7
3.1 Critical analytical thinking8
3.2 Critical thinking when writing8
3.3 Critical writing analysis9
3.4 Evaluating critical thinking9/10
4.0 Arguments11
4.1 What is meant by an argument?11
4.2 Types or arguments11
4.3 Finding arguments11/12
4.4 Analyzing arguments12
4.5 Identifying flaws in arguments12

This handbook is a guide for INHolland students to understand what critical thinking means. To get a good overview of what critical thinking is, this handbook provides useful information. It explains the types of critical thinking and its arguments thoroughly in the chapters. The Introduction is the first numbered item in the report, followed by the Body of the Report, which contains all the chapters of the actual content and findings of the handbook. In this handbook the Body discusses 3 main sections, namely critical thinking at the INHolland University, the various types of critical thinking and the arguments. And finally there is a conclusion and a bibliography. This handbook consists of information taken from various sources, which are mentioned in the bibliography. One of the important sources we have made use of are ‘The Study Skills...
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