Why Germans Scientist, Engineers and Doctors Asked to Participate in the Holocaust? Why They Didn’t Opposed Hitler´S Policy?

Topics: Nazi Germany, Schutzstaffel, Auschwitz concentration camp Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: September 8, 2012
Why Germans scientist, engineers and doctors asked to participate in the Holocaust? Why they didn’t opposed Hitler´s policy? Many Germans with professional careers often tried to resist Hitler's influence, but many simply failed to do so. Others were consumed by their fears of death. They thought that if they would try to oppose against Hitler’s policy, the Nazis would kill them. I think the same thing happens to Dr. Mengele. He was known as the angel of death on the concentration camps of Auschwitz, because he was the one in charge of choosing among all the Jews who is going to live or going to die. But do you think he was doing it because he loved doing that kind of stuff? In my opinion Dr. Mengele was force by Hitler. Dr. Mengele needed to choose between death or being alive but force to serve Hitler. And Dr. Mengele chose to live. That why he had earn the name angel of death. I also think that other Germans with professional careers like engineers, scientist and doctors had decided to join Hitler´s forces because they were scare of death or not yet prepared to die. But I think, they missed the point that if they continue to join Hitler, his army will be much stronger, more people will die and also it would be difficult to the other countries to stop Hitler´s forces. That why it took a while for the Americans to stop Hitler.

Written by: John Paul Balcita

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