Why Elizabeth Bennet Is an Interesting Character

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  • Published : June 26, 2012
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'I could easily forgive his pride, if he had not mortified mine.'

The film Pride and Prejudice, directed by Joe Wright, is a humorous story on love and life that was based on the novel by Jane Austin. The main plot revolves around Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet, who's one of five sisters, and her complex relationship with proud and rich Mr. Darcy. Many complications are encountered as people realize what happens when everyone's pride and prejudice gets in the way. Lizzy was an interesting character because of her sense of style, wit and tight relationship with the eldest sister Jane. The film maker portrayed this through her costuming, dialogue and characterization. Lizzy is a role model for the modern times when people should just be themselves.

To begin, Elizabeth Bennet is made an interesting character through her costuming. She wasn't like all the woman of her social status at her time who tried their very hardest to flaunt what they had with fancy, over-the-top and frilly dresses. She dressed for herself and only herself. For example, when she visits Jane at Netherfield when she is ill, she wears exactly the same dress as when she was dressed in casually at home even though she was making a social call to an upper class. The etiquette of that time frame demanded that 'proper young ladies' wore their 'Sunday Best' when out visiting. Lizzy's plain blue dress showed that she was not out there to impress, but to show who she was. This is compared to her mother and sisters who when also coming to visit Jane are all dressed up formally, in pretty pastel colours, various layers and frills. Her costuming is modest but well-kept. The viewer found that Lizzy was different from many of the other woman in her time period. She wasn't out solely to find a man like everyone else was. Money and a empty marriage was something she realized wasn't what brings happiness and so her resistance to the commonly pursued aims of 'catching a man' were reflected in her costuming. I...
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