Why Do Young People Smoke

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ySmoking and young people

A STRIKING approach for young people in Leeds!
Striking is a tobacco prevention / cessation package for young people in Leeds which has been piloted and evaluated in three secondary schools. Striking aims to prevent the uptake and reduce smoking prevalence in young people across Leeds, increase knowledge and skills and support young people to make healthier life choices.

Smoking and under 18s
Leeds NHS Stop Smoking Service offers a free confidential service for young people (under 18) who wish to stop smoking. Striking is a structured support programme for up to 12 weeks to support a young person through small steps to successfully stopping smoking. Striking is a service run by specially trained advisors to help young people in Leeds stop smoking. Including information: assertiveness and resistance skills, coping strategies, planning to cut down and changing daily routines, setting a quit date, nicotine replacement therapy, smoker free places, tobacco industry, weight, exercise, cannabis. The Striking workbook is used as an interactive tool with the young person to take them through each small step of the support programme. Nicotine replacement therapy is licensed for young people to use over 12 years old (Committee on Safety of Medicines Dec 2005). Protocol for the supply and use of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) in 12-17 year olds for Leeds can be found on the NHS Leeds Intranet under Trust policies, Medicines and Prescribing PL118. What we offer:

* A free confidential service
* A friendly, non – judgemental service
* 1:1 support or group support in a place close to where you live * Nicotine Replacement Therapy on prescription (for over 12 years old) * Weekly appointments
* Text message support
* Advice on breaking habits and routines
* Support for friends, siblings, parents that wish to stop smoking * Carbon Monoxide testing to show your progress
To make an appointment please phone
Leeds NHS Stop Smoking Service on 0800 169 4219
(Office hours Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)
Or text ‘quit’ to 07811542548
Smoking and young people
In Great Britain about 450 children start smoking every day. By the age of 15, 23% of young people are regular smokers. Given this evidence it is important that targeted prevention and cessation work is carried out to prevent uptake. The earlier a person starts smoking, due to the addictive nature of nicotine, the more likely he or she will become a heavy smoker and therefore have a greater risk of suffering from one of the many diseases caused by smoking. A young person who smokes as few as four cigarettes may develop a lifelong addiction to nicotine. Research has shown that young people can become addicted to nicotine after the first few cigarettes. Approximately, half of today’s young smokers will die early from smoking related diseases. Smoking and addiction

Nicotine is from a family of plants and is a very addictive stimulant drug. The addictive effect of nicotine is linked to its capacity to trigger the release of dopamine a chemical in the brain that is associated with feeling pleasure.  The satisfaction is a short lived process.  Research suggests that in the long term nicotine actually depresses the brain’s ability to experience pleasure and consequently increases a person’s need for greater levels to achieve the same levels of satisfaction. The addictive drug causes unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. The good feelings that result when nicotine is present and the bad feelings when it's absent make breaking any addiction very difficult. Nicotine addiction has historically been one of the hardest addictions to break. Nicotine has a pronounced effect on the major stress hormones, increasing heart rate and raising blood pressure whilst the cigarette is being smoked. Cigarette smoking may increase the risk of...
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