Why Do You Think They'Re Called for-Profit Colleges?

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  • Published : January 28, 2013
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Every college student has either good or bad experiences during his college life. One of the bad experiences is living with a roommate you don’t like. During my collage studies, I had a roommate who gave me bad times because he was messy, noisy, and stingy. My roommate was so loud that he caused me problem, while I was trying to waken up early for classes. He scram when he was watching a game on TV. Also, he likes to study with the radio up and that bothered me especially when he was studying late at night, in addition, he raised his voice when he was talking on the phone. Another thing that I didn’t like about my roommate was that he was not organized. He never did the dishes after he ate and that caused bad smells in the kitchen. In addition, he threw his dirty clothes all over the room so you cannot find a place to set and never helped to throw the garbage out or clean the room. The biggest thing that bothered me about him was that he was stingy. He always gave me a hard time when the bills were due; also, he used my stuff without asking for example, sometimes he used my shampoo or laundry detergent instead of using his. The worst experience in my collage life was living with a roommate that had bad habits such as being noisy, stingy and messy. College students should know the person that they will stay with and see if they have similarities with him or not before they decide to live together in the same room.
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