Why Do Teenagers Drink

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Why do teenagers drink?
* Because they don’t truly care about them and believe that it should be equal to educate which is false because education is helping us grow, discover who we are, to see what is right and what is wrong. Most of the time teenagers drink for anger or because they’re disappointment at something.

* Because they can’t treat with kids when they start to become adults (maybe because they didn’t find themselves the answers they were looking for when they were kids and they reflect themselves with them.)

* Because even though they say they would not drink more than one, they still do it (just like many adults say indignantly "young people do not read," forgetting that ever see them with a book in hand).

Drinking is considerable bad for our health, but young people do not see the danger that alcohol brings to us teenagers. There are reasons why they drink and there is also a cost of drinking in a young age.

To be cool: Most teenagers like to be "cool" to make people talk about them how big and bad they are and they can be popular around them. They don't see how bad does drinking do to themselves and how are they going to end.

To forget problems: Teenagers see life different from older people they think life is going to end every time they have a problem so for that reason they look for things that wouldn't make the problem solve but would help to forget the problem for a little. That wouldn’t help at all, it only would make it even worse, and alcohol would make them vulnerable and not be able to face reality.

To imitate their friends: Teenagers are most likely try to impress others by been like others, it's incredible to know how alcohol is a way to be like others and by drinking you're in of a group, sadly this is becoming more interesting to teenagers. In some way they have to see how dangerous alcohol is.

In my personal opinion, teenagers drink because they want to live outside themself. They want to take a...
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