Why Do Developing Countries Want to Acquire the Nuclear Bomb

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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Since its first use, in 1945 on Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the nuclear bomb has been developed to be a devastating weapon. Throughout the years many countries have or attempted to acquirer this weapon for different reasons. There are now five countries , China, Russia, Great Britain, United States, and France, who are now officially recognised, by the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT), as possessing nuclear weapons. In defiance of the NPT, there are many countries that have developed a nuclear arsenal, such as Pakistan, India, and Israel. Most developed countries have a nuclear arsenal or are allied with a country that is, such as members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). However we are seeing more and more developing nations attempting to develop a nuclear arsenal for many reasons. This Paper will look at what can be the advantages for a developing nation to develop a nuclear arsenal. By doing so, this paper will compare three developing nations, Pakistan, Iran, and North Korea, and analyse three different points that demonstrate how the development of a nuclear arsenal is or would be a strategic advantage. The first point we will look at is how it can increase the countries regional influence. The second point we will look at how it can increase the government’s popularity with its citizens. Finally this paper will demonstrate how it can be used as a military deterrent against its regional and international opponents.

The development of a nuclear arsenal can have different regional repercussion, some better than others. However for developing nations, this weapon can bring a country with very little regional influence and transform it into a major regional player. Such a country would be able to pressure other countries for their benefit at an economic, political, and social level. This could be best demonstrated if Iran were to acquire a nuclear arsenal. For many years now Iran has been looked at as a potential threat by Western...
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