Why Did Stalin Implement the Five Year Plans?

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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Why were a series of industrial plans launched between 1928 and 1938?

In 1928 it was clear to Stalin that the USSR needed a new economic system. Everybody knew that the NEP was failing and that Russia was economically backward compared to it surrounding countries. Stalin knew that for the USSR to make make money for herself she must first start to make money from grain exports, given that grain exports were at 13% that of pre-war levels he knew something must be done. The first of the five year plans included collectivisation, this eradicated the open market and meant that the peasant would willingly give their grain to the government. Staling also knew that the USSR was behind on her industrial production but for this to get better they first need money, money which would come from grain exports. The idea of the first five year plan was to build everything they needed for industry from scratch so this included resourcing raw materials and employing a huge work force to do so. Russia was, as Stalin said, 100 years behind European countries and needed to catch up or be crushed.

Militarily the industrial plans were to be used to strengthen a weak and vulnerable Russia. There were states surrounding Russia who were in fact anti communist and the made sure that the Russian knew. The USSR had minimal vehicles and fighting machinery compared to those issuing the threats and Stalin knew that he must build up his armoury and make Russia strong. During these initial plans each factory had a secret room for developing weaponry under the orders of the government, these rooms would be used to build Stalin a formidable force against those who threatened the Russian empire.

Ideologically Stalin knew that the Nep was embarrasnig and that re-introducing capitalism in the way Lenin did bought much shame to the party. He knew that by introducing a Socialist plan he would appear to be a political hero and he also knew that this would not be as embarrassing as the...
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