Life Under Stalin

Topics: Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin, Great Purge Pages: 3 (731 words) Published: March 20, 2011
Chelsea Harden
Miss French
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Life under Stalin
Joseph Stalin was able to establish a strong dictatorship over the Soviet Union by being a good organizer and being able to make many people appeal to him and his ideas of a communist society. Although his ideas were misleading, he managed to gain believers and kill off any of those who disagreed with any of his sayings or teachings. Much of the credit goes to his army who helped commit many of these murders that went on. They managed to kill about 12.5 million and put many nonbelievers in harsh labor camps. The society’s everyday lifestyle was under strict order of Stalin.

Joseph Stalin was born in southern Russia, Georgia. In 1878 he trained to become a priest but that didn’t work out to well and he was exiled three times due to strikes and robbing banks. After the revolution he became the general secretary of the communist party and became in charge of policing the party for traitors. Going against the rules he soon placed his friends in the USSR and took over in 1928. In the same year he had Leon Trotsky imprisoned and later assas- sinated in 1940.

Many problems began to spark up in the USSR. In 1921 industrial output was only 1/5th the size that was in 1913. The Ukrainian famine was created by the government to crush and kill the nationalist (5million people died). They were also 50-100 years behind industrialized coun- tries, so Stalin came up with the 5 year plan. The 5 year plan was a plan to industrialize Russia. It increased steel, coal, and oil 3x’s and electricity 6x’s. the industrial output improved 25% by 1933. The government limited production of consumer goods which caused shortages in housing and clothing. Workers needed police permission to move and if they did not work they were imprisoned or killed.

In 1928 an agricultural revolution started under Stalin’s rule. In this process he seized 25 million farms and combined them into collective farms. Hundreds...
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