Why Animals Shouldn't Be Used in Scientific Experiements

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  • Published : September 18, 2011
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Who is the first to sample a new type of coke or Pepsi? Who is the first one to an aspirin? Who is the first one to use brand new shampoos? Do you know the lucky ones of whom I speak? I’m referring to animals - cats, rabbits, rats, dogs, monkeys and so many other animals are cruelly used in various kinds of scientific research and millions of them die every year. Is not every life created by God equal? Experimentation on animals serves as a protective alternative to testing on human beings. Since all these new products are being “tested” it seems unlikely and unethical to “test” on human beings right? But since humans are the ones who will later benefit from these products why not have some volunteer as test subjects? Why should insentient, innocent animals be subjected to selfish human testing? It is harmful to the animal and unconscionable. They are routinely cut open, poisoned and then caged in for weeks, months or even years. Some animals are often given diseases to see whether a new drug will work or whether it has side effects. Some animals are killed by researchers in order to see the degree of damage inside their bodies. This is immoral. Typically rats are used in labs because they're very similar to humans physiologically and their rate of reproduction is much more rapid, hence it is easier to test for generational birth defects. I think it is ridiculous how much we make animals suffer for our own vanity. I wish it were mandatory for products to display on their packaging “tested on animals”, in the same way that nutritional facts such as trans fat and cholesterol presence are displayed. Maybe then more persons would be awakened to the cruelty that animals undergo. Perhaps things can be made clearer if the tables should turn. Perhaps if it should ever occur that animals become masters of this planet, and we human beings become “slaves”—the scientific research targets that we would develop both sympathy and empathy towards animals. It is said that the...
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