Animal Testing Should Be Allowed for Scientific Purposes

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  • Published : January 1, 2013
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Do you think animal testing should be allowed for scientific purposes? I think we can’t use animal to test. Body systems of animals are different than humans it has been proven that many tests like hiv/aids were proven to be a failure on human beings 15 million animals are tested each year and probably over half of them die or get severely abused every year animal testing also cost a lot especially for the medications, the failures, and to care for the animals. For one thing, we can't see a point in putting cosmetics on animals. I think half of the animals are extinct because of using them for scientific experiments. Frist point is animal research is cruel. Second point is We can’t abuse dogs or any pets. Third point is animal has limited.

Animal research is cruel. Animal also have their live, they also have heart, brain, and can breathe just like us. If the animal can talk they must curse and start a riot. Why we can’t let the animal and people equal? Animal just like us, humans are greedy selfish people. Animal also need love and warm, most animal are cute innocent creatures like bunnies. Why we need to do animal experiment? We need to let humans and animal fair, if you can’t I wanted to the government should be completely banned. They are living things just like us. In fact we are not much different from each other. Animals breathe, eat, sleep, and dream. We do to. They have family and friends and we do to.

We can’t abuse dogs or any pets. This world is about balance if you use rats then snakes won’t have enough food. After snakes go down then hawks won’t have enough food either and so on. The scientists can abuse animals for human needs. . And most animals are cute innocent creatures like bunnies. If us humans wouldn’t like to participate in these experiments why do animals. Are we just going to keep testing until the animals are endangered. More than 100 million animals every year suffer and die in cruel chemical, drug, food and cosmetic tests, biology...
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