Who Stole My Cheese

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In Who Moved My Cheese Sniff and Scurry, who are mice, are always ready to sniff out changes and scurry off before the change happens. Hem and Haw are little people. Hem doesn’t like change and Haw learns from his mistakes and doesn’t have a problem with change. Sniff, Scurry, Hem, and Haw live by Cheese Station C where they all went every morning. Cheese to Hem was a huge house with everything he could ever want and Haw’s cheese was to have a cozy home with a wonderful family. One day the cheese was gone and so was sniff and scurry who anticipated the cheese disappearing and planned ahead. Hem and Haw were confused. Haw decided he needed to go out and find the new cheese. Hem was scared to go out into the maze and find new cheese. The thought of change and something new scared him. Haw eventually found the cheese at Cheese Station N and learned valuable lessons that will only help him be ready for next time when the cheese disappears. Throughout their adventure in finding new cheese I was able to see who I relate best to in the story.

When comparing my life to the short story Who Moved My Cheese, I relate well to Haw. Haw loved cheese. Thinking of cheese and always being on the lookout for cheese made him happy, courageous, and excited. The cheese ment being alive and well. Haw learned many important lessons like if you do not look for new cheese you will become extinct. That relates well with todays jobs and technology growing. If you are not on top of the new technology then you could very well be fired because you would be holding the company back. Haw was not like that at all. He laughed at himself when he made a mistake and thought to keep going, but most importantly he learned from those mistakes so he would not make it twice. For instance, he let the cheese disappear without warning the first time but now that he has found his new cheese, he is constantly checking on it to make sure he can be prepared to leave into the maze in search of more new cheese....
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