Who Makes Decision in My Life.

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Who Makes Decision In My Life
What is life? Many people think this question is for those kids or primary students to answer. Yet, I can say that majority of university students or adult will not be able to answer this question as well. Most of them will just tell the definition of life according to the Google, Wikipedia and dictionaries. No doubt, those definitions are absolutely correct and tremendous. However, do those definitions grant you any understanding of life? I firmly believe there’s none. Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. Why do we go and bother those definitions which are created by others. Instead, we should create our life by our ownself. We create our own definition of life. It is because different people have different definition of life.

In other way of saying what I have said in the first paragraph, one should make decision for one’s life. For me, I would make my own decision in my life, not any others. If you argue that it is possible that others help you to make decision, I will show you that your life will be a pathetic and miserable one. For instance, will you ask your friends or parents to help you decide whether to go to toilet or not when it’s needed? I guess the answer is already in your mind. My example might sound very ridiculous and disgusting, but it is perfectly true and it is just the purpose of emphasizing that one should be responsible to oneself and so, make own decision.

Although one should make one’s decision for oneself, however, everything has its exception; do not misunderstand what I have been trying to tell. The exception is that some people are not mature enough to make his or her own decision. Sometimes, we have to listen to those suggestion, advice and exhortation by the elderly and our parents. Yet, do remember that there are just assistance and the final decisions are made by your ownself.

Many people often hesitate to make decision when they are facing problems which...
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