Who Are More Important to You; Your Friends or Your Family

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Every day, of every age suffer some kind of influence and most of the time they dont even notice that. Some one once said that 'the man is influenced by the situation he lives in'. Another man said; 'Tell me whom you "walk" with and I will tell you who you are'. This tells us that mostly our lives are influenced by the people we depend on or people we look up to. That can be our Family or our Friends. Both Family and Friends, have an important weight in this curse, on the decision of the young adults life, could be good or bad. Like it;s said the friends are the family that you can choose. When our family is not ther to help us ot if the family is the problem we can always count on friends. They Stand By us. The Friends influence us in the way we dress, the kind of music we listen to, the way we talk and sometimes the way we act. On the other hand Family is the balance, they bring the originality, creating a unique person; how ever this is a job for both parties. The family come up with education, responsibility for our future, how we are going to take care of it. There is always a contradiction in rare cases; the friend makes up the family paper. Being said that though family has a strong influence on us, young people, providing us a powerful background; I believe the people that think like me, understand me and people who had come face to face with similar life situation can be inescapable. Friends at least in this age of life are the ones that are going to be heard by me.
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