Who Am I After Graduation

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The Vice Chancellor – University Benin - Professor Osayuki Oshodi



IT stakeholders here present


Distinguished Guests

Ladies and Gentlemen

I am very excited to be part of this notable event the William Ubong Memorial Lecture, which is aimed at sensitizing as well as encouraging the students of this great institution on the need to shun corruption beyond the four walls of the university.

As we know it, Graduation is an exciting time of the year for many people. Parents, who are proud of their children as they finish the goal of completing the University; Students are also excited that they have reached a milestone in their lives. When this time comes, you will likely experience a number of emotions—from excitement and relief to uncertainty and terror—at the prospect of entering the real world, with the big question “NOW WHAT?”

Graduation Myth.

There is popular misconception about graduation that a degree automatically entitle you to a six figure salary, with full benefits, a one month paid vacation to a company retreat, 20 floating holidays, a corner office, and a parking spot in front of the doors with your name on it.

Reality check

The days where all you needed was a college degree to get a job are LONG GONE, and deep down inside, you know it’s true. We were all told the same lie in secondary school. “Get into a good university; get a degree, and your magic high paying job will fall squarely into your lap”.

The smart people are the ones who have figured out this lie early on in University, and made sure the time they spent in school would separate them from the students who were still “asleep”.

You know exactly who these smart people are. They’re the ones who took the internships, the unpaid jobs during holidays, who made network contacts, and spent their days and nights gaining valuable working experience and marketable skills.

Look at last year for instance, your senior colleagues graduated, and think of the thousand other graduations across the nation that occurred in the same month. They all have degrees.

What’s going to separate you from them? Why should employers hire you instead of all the other clones?

You must learn to differentiate yourself. What can you offer that these other people can’t?

It’s not enough to put your future in the hands of an educational institution. It’s time to stop blaming the world. It’s time to take personal responsibility and to have the courage to shape your future with your own hands.

You have a lot on your plate, from searching for a job to figuring out your living arrangements to plotting your finances. With all of these variables, this can be an incredibly confusing time. Remember, however, that you’ve achieved a lot and reached the point where you can finally live life on your own terms how? The next section titled “learning the ropes would walk you through eight (8) key areas in my opinion that a grad or as in this case the soon to be grads will have to master to do just fine in the real world.

Learning the Ropes

1. Know thy self

After graduation, you’re going to be applying to jobs soon, so it’s important to know what skills you have to offer to different organizations. Trace back from your childhood to where you are today; what have been your accomplishments? What have you always been good at? Your ability to do this self-appraisal would boost your success rate, since you would do what you love which is directly related to your passion.

2. Dream beyond borders

Without a good knowledge of where you are going, it’s hard to know which road to take after graduating the University. Now that you know what your skills are, plan for a career that will harness and use those skills. Don’t let your talents go to waste. You and the...
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