White Tiger- Western Cultures Influence on India

Topics: Society, Culture, Corruption Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Ketchup is delicious when added to certain foods yet when mixed with chocolate the results can be disastrous. Similarly in Aravind Adiga's book The White Tiger, western culture, which is normally a great part of certain societies, when mixed with indigenous culture, leads to corruption. Adiga’s novel is about an Indian entrepreneur who sees a world much bigger than the one he lives in. He notices how those with wealth take advantage of the rest of society. Laws, political power, and other western societal developments are traded for bribes. India’s class system takes a whole new meaning when mixed with western culture and society. The situation with the "elected officials", the great socialist, and the police is proof that western culture, when mixed with an indigenous culture, leads to corruption. The western concept of elected officials is supposed to help prevent corruption. However, in the novel the elected officials are the most corrupt. They recognize that they have power and it leads them to want even more power. The class system is well evident even within government. Those with money can pay for the ballots to be swayed and for votes to be cast, to give them power. They then accept bribes and bend rules for the people rich enough to pay the bribes. Balram, in the beginning of the novel, talks about his voting experience. First his age is forged, followed by a forced vote by the candidate that paid for his town’s vote. At the end of the novel, Balram uses the same techniques, of bribing, to pay the police not to charge him with murder.

The malls are the epitome of western culture, yet they are reserved only for the rich and powerful. Inside the malls are huge cinemas and shopping outlets, yet the drivers aren't permitted inside, they must stay outside with the cars waiting for their masters to finish inside. Larger and fancier malls keep springing up all around Dehli, yet only a small few are actually able to enjoy their facilities. Balram drives his...
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