White Tiger Essay

Topics: India, Caste, Hinduism Pages: 3 (1196 words) Published: November 29, 2012
Cultural Anthropology
November 20, 2012
The White Tiger Response
The White Tiger is a brilliant collaboration of wit and darkness. The main character, a servant of his own kind, is a witty and somewhat likable killer from the underbelly of India. You can not help but enjoy this killer while also being disappointed with this character. Blaram’s story brings up a truth about Indian culture, as well as one- third of the world’s population who suffer from poverty. He explains the white world and the dark world into perspective for this particular culture. This country’s political system, religion, and family life intertwine and contribute to the poverty of the people. The corrupt caste system of India is disturbing. This unethical tale captures the reality of poverty and crime in modern India. In the beginning of the book, Balram writes a letter to the Chinese Primere, who anticipates a trip to India in hopes of learning the reason behind all of the entrepreneurs and success stories that come out of this country. In this letter, Balram finds it necessary to tell him his own story, but he winds up not sending it. He intends on telling Primere the truth about his homeland with no sugar coating. He states that “one fact about India is that you can take almost anything you hear about the country from the prime minister and turn it upside down and then you will have the truth about that thing.”(Adiga, 12) This quote does not even begin to explain how fraudulent India is and how much servitude exists. The servants in this culture will work their fingers to the bone and bow down and offer their pride to their employer with great respect. Balram and his family are at the lowest and poorest caste, they can not go much lower unless it is underground into death. There are no hopes for this economy to change because nobody’s opinion really counts in rural India unless they are wealthy, and those who have money have nothing to complain about. The rulers...
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