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  • Published : October 26, 2008
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SWOT Analysis4
Competitive Analysis6
Target Audience One8
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Plan of Action11
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Competitive analysis12
Psychographic Segmentation12
SWOT analysis12
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Target Audience12

How can Intrawest increase the number of rider days at Whistler Bike Park by 20,000 for the 2008 season? Facts
Bike parks opens May 19 to October 10, extended hours in the regular season, starting in June •Mountain bike admission (includes helmet): adult: $69/ ½ day, $99 full day; Youth: $50 / ½ day, $65 / full day •Day lift tickets: early season: adult: $40, youth: 35; regular season: adult: $47, youth: $41 •Safety equipment rental (arm & leg protection, gloves): $39 / day. Storage of bike: $7/ day •Total cost for bike & equipment rental, and lift ticket for a full day in the regular season: adult: $185; youth: $142More than a third of MTB visitors have incomes over $100,000 •Average MTB visitor spends $750 - $2,700 per trip

Mountain biking is the largest form of recreational cycling in the UK and it accounts for 32% of the annual 2.3 million bike sales. (Source: Bicycle Association and Bicycle Business). •The most recent General Household Study (Office of National Statistics, 2002) records 19% of the population cycle. Based on the percentage of mountain bike sales (66%) it is reasonable to assume that as many as 12.5% of the population uses a mountain bike in the U.K. •A rider day is one person for any portion of the day. It could be a person with a one-day ticket lift ticket or a person with a season pass. •Closest competitors would be Silver Star and Sun Peaks, as well as Cypress (the Bike Park there is currently closed due to construction but is expected to reopen in a couple of years).

Whistler Mountain Bike Park Demographics 2007
Area of origin:GenderHousehold Income (before tax)Age
Canada 50%Male 69%Under $25,000 22%Under 18 10% USA 17%Female 31%$25,000 to $49,99919%18-24 19% UK 11%$50,000 to $99,99928%25-34 44% Australia 10%$100,000 to $149,99919%35-44 21% Other country4%$150,000 to $199,999 7%45-54 6% Germany3%$200,000 or above 6%55+ 1%

Mexico 2%
New Zealand2%

SWOT Analysis

Intrawest utilizes the experience and savvy of a talented, in-house team of customer relationship managers. This team has proven to be an incredible advantage for Intrawest’s growth as they have significantly increased market share in vital market segments and continue to do so. Intrawest has enormous financial backing (over 1 billion US in revenues), allowing them to acquire some of the best locations in the world and keep talented staff that drive Intrawest’s interests forward. Intrawest has strong brand recognition among all of its strategic business units. This recognition brings customers back to their resorts and encourages them to speak favourably about their experience. Intrawest owns and operates the most profitable bike park in BC. This bike park is the most capable of adapting to changing demands of the consumer as it has the resources to do so.


Many different permits must be granted by the local governments for Intrawest to start development. It takes much time and support from the locals in order for the government to grant Intrawest permission, slowing down their plans for improvement and expansion. Though Intrawest’s headquarters are in Vancouver,...
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