Whistle Blowing

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  • Published : December 1, 2012
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Blowing a whistle is considered to be immoral if done in the premises of a professional firm for the outsiders; consequently, the choice of blowing a whistle is a major problem in engineering. It is the duty of an engineer to tell others about the harm it contains if the boss or the clients are unable to track the instructions. He must also inform about the harm when they are in favour of not only the security but also the interests of people. Being a professional, a person is empowered at a good rank. Numerous engineers who are likely to become whistle blowers will look for your suggestions; therefore, you must make sure you pay proper heed to them. Furthermore, involving the engineers in the firm offers a good environment for mutual efforts for helping whistle blowers as well as a way for those engineers who follow the principles for the welfare of all. Blowing a whistle is a realistic implementation of the moral conducts of engineers proves to be an advantage as well as helps in sustaining the honour of people including everyone who is a part of the firm. In case you are referred to by any prospective whistle blower for any suggestions, you must always try to be as pragmatic as possible and must also try to make sure that the danger which has been described is severe enough. It must also be in the form of a document. You must also find out if the seniors were referred to prior to you. Your advice must be to be point only after knowing all the above mentioned requirements as well as whether the seniors tried to deal with the issue before you (Schinzinger and Martin, 2000). Forming documents is considered to be very crucial as there are cases when any discontented worker is only looking for vengeance. So after documentation, it would be made sure that there is an issue and it must be resolved. However, there are exceptions but they are based on the case itself rather than being mentioned prior to it. A document, for instance, may not be formed when the...
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