Where Have You Gone Charming Billy

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  • Published : November 5, 2012
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Nicholas Walters
Dialectic Journals

|Quotes... |Responses... | | | | |1. 'and I couldn't say no. how could I” |There has been times in my life where I just couldnt say no just because I| | |had always thought if I were to say no then im just like a coward or | | |someone who was just scared to say no. I learned that there will be times | | |that you have to say “no” cause if you dont learn that your allowed to | | |then there is a possibility you could get in trouble or something stupid | | |just happen to you. | | | | |2. “it was worth a try” |2. liesel was always wanting to talk to her mom and send her messages | | |cause only liesel cared enough about her to actully want a relationship | | |with her mom. But her grandma was always wondering what she was writing to| | |her mom and what they were talking about. Cause I guess...
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