5.1 Refusal Skills

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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5.1 Refusal Skills – Work File

Read each of the case studies located on the activities page in the 5.1 assignment and choose one of the case studies to complete the refusal sequence.


Using the refusal skills sequence, complete the case scenario by indicating how you would refuse to be involved in the situation. Include all eight steps of the refusal sequence, and use the format indicated below for each step.

(List the step then the action)

Answer the reflection question below the eight steps.

1. What are they asking me to do and why?
They are asking me to participate in an activity that is illegal and against my personal values. (Double space after each answer.)

Case Study Number ___3___

1. What are they asking me to do and why? (10 points)

They are asking me to do things both illegal and sexual that I do not believe in doing.

2. Label what they are asking you to do (i.e. illegal, dangerous, etc.). (10 points)

Illegal, sexual, dangerous, and horrifying

3. Determine the consequences if you get caught or if you participate in this activity. (10 points)

If I get caught I could get into big trouble depending on who catches me. If I participate in the activity, I could possibly get hurt or put in danger.

4. Communicate my refusal. (10 points)

There is a lot of reason to why I should not and will not follow other people and what they decide to do with their lives.

5. Say no. (10 points)

I say no to almost everything that people ask me to do no matter what the case might be, do to the fact that no matter what the situation it can end up bad.

6. Use "I" statements. (10 points)

I feel that you are being rude when you try to force me because I font want to do these things.

7. Suggest an alternative. (10 points)

No, lets go outside and play some basketball.

8. Leave the scene and avoid questionable places. (10 points)

I have to go home by six o’clock because...
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