When a Man Loves a Woman

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  • Published : April 14, 2010
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Name: Date: August 1, 2006
Course/Level/Section: BSN IV- H1Adviser: Mrs. Theorose Bustillo Reaction Paper
“The Notebook”

At first, when the movie showed the past details of the characters, it was boring. You cannot appreciate the movie if you don’t reach the end part. It portrayed an old man whose love to her wife is measured till eternity. Love was a never ending journey. Loving her wife is part of his life. As long as his heart is still beating, love still survives. To his last breath, he still shared his love to her wife. The setting of the film was also an old and classical feature. It showed a typical place of people wearing dress and cars whose designs are present in our museums. The wife at that time was a student nurse and the husband was a soldier. Their love was destined to be apart from each other to have a wise decision at the future. Their relationship was separated due to the will of the girl’s parents. The reason of her parents was due to the financial status of the guy that has not reached to their standards. The girl belonged to a wealthy family, while the guy is form a simple life. They both decided to part ways with each other having an agreement that they still communicate with each other through letters. The guy joined the army while the girl continued her studies in nursing. Both of them hold on to their agreement. Unknowingly, the parents of the girl kept the letter of the guy leading to doubt and misconception of the girl that the guy probably found another one. So, the girl met someone who she fells in loved with. They were both engaged. They guy still have faith that their love is still alive. He still continued to fulfil the dreams that they both promised with the girl. He went home and constructed their dream house. When he first arrived at his home place, he looked for the girl. Unluckily, he found the girl kissing with another guy. Depressed as he looked and feel; he still...
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