Wheelchair Assignment

Topics: Disability, Wheelchair, Physical education Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: October 8, 2012
Adapted Physical Education Mrs MichaelMonday 26. September
Wheelchair Assignment
My Adapted Physical Education class has many challenges. Out of all my college homework assignment, there has been one that has truly been the most trying. I was going from being a completely able-bodied individual to and individual who was confined in a wheelchair. I had never imagined what an eye opening experience this was going to be. I am really glad I got to participate in the wheelchair assignment. I had some very interesting, embarrassing and informative incidents that helped me to understand the life on a wheelchair user. I did not look forward to this assignment, because I had never been sitting in a wheelchair before and I did not know how to handle the situation. Anyways, my classmate and I decided to spend the two hours between 8-10 in a wheelchair. We got a wheelchair each and went to our English class at 8. It was not that easy as it sounds like. On our way over to the class an another classmate offered to push me. I was so grateful because I had no control over the wheelchair. I was going in all different direction and in a past that was to slow to be in time. I did not fully understand how challenging using a wheelchair can be. Out first class was in “Borbe” on the second floor. I had never used the elevator in that building before, I did not even know that it was an elevator there. We found a very narrow elevator with almost no room to turn the chair around. After laughing a lot, we finally got to class. My teacher must have known immediately that I was doing an assignment of being in a wheelchair and she asked me about what I had experienced so far. I told her that I was not in control over the chair, but that I still had time to get better. I had no one to push me after class, so I had to “drive” myself over to “the green” where my friend was waiting for me. I have always been thinking that the sidewalks were flat and even, but I was wrong. The sidewalk was...
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