What Society Expects of Its Criminal Justice System

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  • Published: June 19, 2006
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What Society Expects of its Criminal Justice System
University of Phoenix
Criminal Justice Foundations
June 11, 2006

What Society Expects of its Criminal Justice System
This paper discusses what society expects of the police, courts, corrections, and how they are realized and unfulfilled. In addition, the employees of the system, their goals, expectations, and temptations and the differences in their goals from society's goals. Last, is to discuss the individuals that are charged by the system and their legitimate and non-legitimate needs. Method

Society expects its police to look into reported crimes, collecting and protecting evidence, arresting suspects, and aiding the prosecution in getting a conviction. Next, is to preserve peace, by having to intervene in a nonviolent conduct by an individual in a public place. Then to prevent crime, which is to prevent crime before it occurs, such as, educational campaigns, preventing patrols, and community policing. Next, is to provide services, such as, counseling, referring social services, and to keep traffic moving. Finally, to uphold rights that includes respecting rights regardless of race, ethnicity, class, gender, and respecting individual Constitutional protections. Society expects the courts to decide if a person is guilty or not, sentence the guilty to punishment, interpret the laws made by legislative, set legal precedents, and to uphold Constitutional protections. Society expects corrections to carry out the sentencing of the courts by giving punishment, providing care and protection for the convicted, and to uphold Constitutional protections. Law enforcement, courts, and corrections task are divided differently across local, state, and federal governments. Realized

Making this a realization by the first areas covered in the criminal justice system are the police and they are responsible for enforcing the criminal law. The presence of the Law...
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