What Role Has Human Activity Played in Causing Climate Change?

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  • Published : February 13, 2012
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The change in global climate is the most powerful problem that currently occurs on the earth. The problems of climate change may be caused by both of human activities and natural events. Climate change is the changes that affect the world’s weather, including shifts in temperature, ocean level, land, and precipitation. The climate change phenomenon can affect everything in the world not only natural environment, but also human society, and the world economy. This essay aims to evaluate the role of human actions that have caused the climate change. The first part of this essay will talk about the possible causes of climate change, and the second part will discuss the role of human activity, which is cause the climate change.

The factors that can cause the climate to change possibly come from natural events and human activity. The possibility of people may cause the problem are higher than the naturally created events. Natural events have caused many events of climate change, for instance, large volcanic eruption, ocean level changed, and El Nino events (period warming of currents change distribution od heat and precipitation). According to a United Nations Environment Programme (1997) brochure, large volcanic eruption put tiny particles in the atmosphere that block the sunlight, resulting in surface cooling down of few year’s duration. Besides, ocean current level is the one cause of climate change, the changing of variation in ocean currents distribute the heat and unstable rain. As the naturally created events can affect on environmental problems but the high possibility of activities, which caused the climate change, probably come from humanity.

In the past, the natural environment on earth before industrialization period was cleaner and fresher. Planet earth is warming faster than at any other time in the past and there is little doubt that human activity is involved. Another phenomenon from climate change are Global warming and Greenhouse effect which...
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