What Role Do Teachers Play in Disciplining the Students?

Topics: Motivation, Education, English-language films Pages: 3 (1159 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Teachers play myriad roles in educating their students. More than giving lectures, teachers are also responsible for the students’ character. A good teacher must ensure that when students graduate, they are not only successful in their career but also in their life as a person. Discipline is one important element of good character. Being disciplined means obeying every rule stimulated by an institution, in this case, the school. It is an essential element because without discipline, it is impossible for the students to control their behaviour as they do not take the rules seriously. As a result, their character will be flawed because of their disobedience. However, teachers should realise that merely obeying the rules will not teach the students anything; directing their heart towards their every action will.

First of all, there must be a reward that can motivate the students to willingly follow the rules. In this case, the reward is used as the first motivating factor to attract the students to adhere to the rules. The students need this motivating factor because most of them, as teenagers, may see rules as something that opposes them; they take rules as something that is “meant to be broken”. Thus, in order to educate them about the importance of rules, a reward is first needed. According to Wikipedia, a reward is something that when presented after a behaviour, causes that behaviour to increase in intensity or frequency. Let us take competition as an example to better understand the previous definition. Most of the students who are winning a competition, for instance math competition, will be interested to join the same type of math competition on the following years, or even try another competition which is more challenging. This process will happen simultaneously. Even though the students may not always win the competition, they know that there will always be a probability for them to win the competition like what they previously have done. What the...
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