20th and 21st Century Classroom Management Pioneers

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William Glasser is one of the greatest educational thinkers during the 20th and 21st Century. He contends that student behavior will not improve until educators and administrators change the way they work with students. Trying to force students to learn behavior responsibly is hopeless because it is contrary to their natural inclinations. Glasser believes all human behavior is purposeful. We can not blame anyone else but ourselves for good or improper behavior. He believes that students are satisfied with doing low-quality school work and unwilling to make an effort to learn.

Glasser states schools will not improve until they accomplish three things: 1. Provide a curriculum that is attractive to students. Over half of today’s students our not committed to learning when they find the school experience boring, frustrating or unsatisfying. Students learn better when they have an interest in the subject or learning is made fun. Curriculum should be limited to learning that is useful or otherwise relevant to the student and their lives. 2. Use non-coercive discipline to help students make responsible choices that lead to personal success. Teachers should not scold, coerce or punish students but instead should try and befriend them, providing them with encouragement and stimulation, and show an unending willingness to help the student to succeed. 3. Strongly emphasize quality in all aspects of teaching and learning. Teachers that dictate procedures, order students to work, and generally berate them when the fail to follow directions are increasingly ineffective with today’s students. This teacher functions as a Boss Teacher. Teachers that provide stimulating learning environment encourage students and help them function as Lead Teachers. Motivation is the key ingredient in learning. (Charles, 2011)

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Glasser has stated that in order for schools to be successful they must meet student’s basic needs....
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