What Respect Means to You

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13, Oct 2011

Respect Others the Way We Want to be Treated

To me, respect means we honor people's opinions, their feelings, their values and their religions as well. It also means we accept people as they are without any prejudice and conditions.

However, as soon as I got into college, I realized that respect is also something that I have to earn from others, which means that I not only have to get involved into them, but also have to be trustworthy to them, and that is how a friendship is established. Gradually, I find that people's feelings are all tied with their honor, self worth, status and ideas. If we want someone to treat us a certain way, we have to treat them the same way. As my mom says "treat others the way you want to be treated", I keep those words in the deepest part of my heart and remind myself to have good manners all the time to everyone that I meet in my life. For example, I show my respect to my elders by always offering help by any means possible, always saying ‘please’, ‘thank you’ whenever it is needed.

In our pledge class, respect could also mean integrity, and doing each own job well, because it means respecting co-workers in one group no matter how small the job is. When others are in need of help, I am always willing to give a helping hand. When speaking of pledge educators, I believe there should always be a formal connection between us and them to show our respect and kindness. At the same time, as author Alfred Glasow said, “the respect of those you respect is worth more than the applause of the multitude”. When teachers create a positive environment, giving it freely, most people greatly appreciate it.
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